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  How to leave some blank space on the right side of the chart ?
Posted by Shailendra Kumar on Jan-18-2007 17:14
I have a cnadlesticks chart displayed.I want to leave 5% (or similar) of chart area as empty space on th right side of the price bar.This should be while space between tha last bar and the Y axis.I cannot put dummy price bars since it will disturb the calculation of indicators.Please tell me how to do this ?
Shailendra Kumar

  its done
Posted by Shailendra Kumar on Jan-18-2007 17:26
its done thanks

  Re: its done
Posted by mahbub on Sep-19-2014 17:31
Sorry for bumping an very old topic. Please let me know how did you solve the problem?


  Re: its done
Posted by Peter Kwan on Sep-20-2014 02:49
Hi mahbub,

One method is to simply append an extra element to the timeStamps arrary, and assign it
the same date/time as the last element of the timeStamps array. You do not need to
change other arrays (highData, lowData, ....).

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan