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  Discrete HeatMap
Posted by zhxie on Jan-09-2019 16:55
Hi team,
we are using the Java version of ChartDirector 6.0.1.  Now we have a requirement of
Heat map which need to support discrete values like the attached file.
The point in the plot will be a block and the Z’s value is indicated by the color.  After reading samples of Heat map in documentation, I don’t found similar function do this kind of plotting.
Could you give us some help to implement this kind of heat map?

  Re: Discrete HeatMap
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jan-10-2019 01:14
Hi Jason,

There are several methods to draw discrete heat maps. One way to do this is to use scatter chart layers:

The above example use scatter layers with square symbols. You can also use scatter layers with rectangular symbols by using custom polygons as symbols. See:

Another method to draw discrete heat maps is to use the DrawArea object, like:

The above code are not in Java. If you need me to translate them to Java, please let me know if you are writing a JSP or Java SWING or other kinds of Java application.

Peter Kwan

  Re: Discrete HeatMap
Posted by zhxie on Jan-10-2019 09:38
Hi Peter,
Thanks for quickly reply. It’s very helpful.  I will try the scatter layer to finish our requirement.