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  BCG Matrix
Posted by Patrick on May-28-2020 03:34
Hi. Your help is greatly appreciated!

I am trying to create a BCG Matrix with ChartDirector...I've started with the 4 quadrant sample that you offer, and I'm close BUT I can't quite get it...

I have attached a picture showing what I'm trying to get to...(worth a 1000 words, right?)

I don't really want the XY axis to show up on the chart, but rather have the Low/High with arrows/tick marks show up on the outer XY edges. If I remove the c.setAxisAtOrigin it will not display correctly.
Both X & Y values will always be positive numbers; everything I do either distorts the size of the individual quadrants or only shows the top right quadrant (because they're always positive)

I tried playing with the setAutoScale, but I couldn't get it to work...

Is this an impossible task to do with ChartDirector?
trying to get BCG matrix.png

  Re: BCG Matrix
Posted by Peter Kwan on May-28-2020 22:57
Hi Patrick,

Yes, it should be easy to create the chart you want.

Would you mind to clarify which programming language edition of ChartDirector you are using, and the desktop or web programming framework you are using? (For example, C#/Windows Forms, VB/WPF, C++/MFC, C# ASP.NET ....). I can create a simple example for you.

In brief, you can start from a regularly scatter chart, like:

You can add 4 background zones in the plotarea for the 4 regions in your chart. For the axis scale, you can configure it to any scale convenient to you using Axis.setLinearScale. To make the axis invisible, just set its color to transparent.

For the "line and arrows" to replace the axis, you can just draw a line and then a triangle.

Once I know about your programming language and desktop or web framework, I can write a simple example for you.

Peter Kwan

  Re: BCG Matrix
Posted by Patrick on May-28-2020 23:24
Peter, you're the BEST!!!

I got up this morning thinking about this and I started the addScatterLayer as new data layers...

I've attached my simple aspx page with how far I got to this point. I started getting bogged down with some of the other details and figured I'd wait to see if I got a response to help me...

I develop these in asp, then port over to windows...i find it's faster to develop the chart this way...

Thanks for ANY help you can further with this...I slog my way through this really slowly...

BTW, I'm just getting back to developing again after a 5 year hiatus and I'm so glad you guys are still around. Even after all this time away, I still think ChartDirector is the best out on the market, and by far, the best value!!!

You guys ROCK!!!

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  Re: BCG Matrix
Posted by Peter Kwan on May-29-2020 16:42
Hi Patrick,

I have attached an example for your reference. In it, I use the x-zone color and y-zone color, which I found is even simpler than using Axis.addZone.

I set up the x-axis and y-axis scale to be from 0 to 100, and make the axis transparent.

Then I add other decorative contents, such as the straight lines and triangles (as the conceptual x-axis and y-axis), and the labels at the center of the zones.

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan

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  Re: BCG Matrix
Posted by Patrick on May-29-2020 23:49


You have made it 1000% better than I could have if I had worked on it for a month!

You are a master and have made this customer SUPER SATISFIED!!!

Stay safe, my friend. Let me know if I can ever help you out! P.