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  Problem the texts and labels are not displayed.
Posted by Heli Rodriguez on May-29-2020 20:09
The code with cli/c++ visual studio 2019

RanSeries ^r = gcnew RanSeries(129);
//RanSeries ^r = gcnew RanSeries(DateTime.Now.Millisecond);

cli::array<double> ^data0 = r->getSeries(100, 100, -15, 15);
cli::array<double,1> ^data1 = r->getSeries(100, 160, -15, 15);
cli::array<double,1> ^data2 = r->getSeries(100, 220, -15, 15);
cli::array<DateTime,1> ^ timeStamps = r->getDateSeries(100, DateTime(2014, 1, 1), 86400.0);

// Create a XYChart object of size 600 x 400 pixels
XYChart ^c = gcnew XYChart(600, 400);

// Set default text color to dark grey (0x333333)
c->setColor(Chart::TextColor, 0x333333);

// Add a title box using grey (0x555555) 20pt Arial font
c->addTitle("    Multi-Line Chart Demonstration", "Arial", 20, 0x555555);

// Set the plotarea at (70, 70) and of size 500 x 300 pixels, with transparent
// background and border and light grey (0xcccccc) horizontal grid lines
c->setPlotArea(70, 70, 500, 300, Chart::Transparent, -1, Chart::Transparent, 0xcccccc);

// Add a legend box with horizontal layout above the plot area at (70, 35). Use 12pt
// Arial font, transparent background and border, and line style legend icon.
LegendBox ^b = c->addLegend(70, 35, false, "Arial", 12);
b->setBackground(Chart::Transparent, Chart::Transparent);

// Set axis label font to 12pt Arial
c->xAxis()->setLabelStyle("Arial", 12);
c->yAxis()->setLabelStyle("Arial", 12);

// Set the x and y axis stems to transparent, and the x-axis tick color to grey
// (0xaaaaaa)
c->xAxis()->setColors(Chart::Transparent, Chart::TextColor, Chart::TextColor, 0xaaaaaa);

// Set the major/minor tick lengths for the x-axis to 10 and 0.
c->xAxis()->setTickLength(10, 0);

// For the automatic axis labels, set the minimum spacing to 80/40 pixels for the x/y
// axis.

// Add a title to the y axis using dark grey (0x555555) 14pt Arial font
c->yAxis()->setTitle("Y-Axis Title Placeholder", "Arial", 14, 0x555555);

// Add a line layer to the chart with 3-pixel line width
LineLayer ^layer = c->addLineLayer2();
ayer->addDataSet(data0, 0x5588cc, "Alpha");
layer->addDataSet(data1, 0xee9944, "Beta");
layer->addDataSet(data2, 0x99bb55, "Gamma");

// The x-coordinates for the line layer

// Output the chart
winChartViewer2->Chart = c;

//include tool tip for the chart
winChartViewer2->ImageMap = c->getHTMLImageMap("clickable", "", "title='[{x|mm/dd/yyyy}] {dataSetName}: {value}'");

The bad result -> without any tests is in the uploaded file

  Re: Problem the texts and labels are not displayed.
Posted by Peter Kwan on May-30-2020 18:56
Just in case someone is reading this thread, Heli found out the missing text was due to DWrite.dll included in the project. The problem did not occur if the DWrite.dll was removed from the project. Apparently, if DWrite.dll is in the project, ChartDirector will be unable to use .NET fonts, and so all text disappears.