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  How to perform silent install
Posted by Salvatore Ficara on May-30-2020 08:12
I need to install ChartDirector (chartdir_com_win32.exe) into a Docker container. The only way that's possible is to perform a silent install since containers do not have a GUI. Could you provide me with the instructions to perform a silent install?

I tried something from a post back in 2004 lol, didn't work unsuprisingly.

  Re: How to perform silent install
Posted by Peter Kwan on May-30-2020 14:53
Hi Salvatore,

In the Installation chapter of the ChartDirector documentation, there is a section called "Installing ChartDirector without Using the Installer". See:

Basically, you only need to copy all the files in "ChartDirector/lib" to a directory of your choice in the target machine and then run "regdll.bat" in that directory to register the DLLs. Please make sure you run as administator otherwise it may not have sufficient privilege to register the DLLs.

Of course, to do the above, you need to find a regular Windows computer to install ChartDirector first, so you can copy the files in "ChartDirector/lib". Once you get the files, you can use the method above to copy them to other servers.

Peter Kwan