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  Using setMultiFormat for Spanish months
Posted by Mindee on Jun-02-2020 00:27
I have a graph in Spanish and want the x-axis to display the MM/YY in Spanish. Currently using:
c.xAxis().setMultiFormat(Chart.StartOfYearFilter(), "{value|mmm<*br*>yyyy}", Chart.AllPassFilter(), "{value|mmm}", 1, true);

Is there an option to use different language for the month?

Thank you for your help!

  Re: Using setMultiFormat for Spanish months
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jun-02-2020 11:10
Hi Mindee,

Yes. You can use BaseChart.setMonthNames to configure the month names to use:

It is like:

string[] names = {"AAA", "BBB", "CCC", .....};

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan