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  Track line and clickable ImageMap
Posted by Eirik on Jun-02-2021 19:56
Looking at the "Track Line with Data Labels", tracklabel.aspx, VB example. Is there a way to have the tracker, without suppressing a clickable ImageMap on the tracked datapoints?

    WebChartViewer1.ImageMap = c.getHTMLImageMap("clickline.aspx", "", _
        "title='{xLabel}: US$ {value|0}M'")

The line seems to be clickable only between datapoints, and not on the actual datapoint itself (when the tracked info is displayed).

Best regards,

  Re: Track line and clickable ImageMap
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jun-02-2021 23:59
Hi Eirik,

With the track cursor, there will be a dot at the data point position. When you click on the dot, the browser will generate a mouse click event on the dot, but not on the hypertext link for the line under the dot. That's why the hot spot is not triggered.

We will upload ChartDirector 7.0 for .NET to our web site on or before this Sunday (Jun 6, 2021). In it, there is an updated Javascript library cdjcv.js. I have just tried to use it on ChartDirector 6.4, and it does work. One thing it does is to make the dot transparent to mouse events, so that you can click on the line even when there is a dot above it.

I have attached the new cdjcv.js below. Please try it to see if this can solve the problem. (The browser has a tendency to use the cached version of cdjcv.js. You can need to enable the browser developer tools to monitor the network. This will force the browser to reload the cdjcv.js.)

Peter Kwan

22.40 Kb

  Re: Track line and clickable ImageMap
Posted by Eirik on Jun-07-2021 19:27
Thank you very much, Peter. That updated script did indeed solve the problem.
Thanks again.

Best regards,