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  Perl: XY Chart Spacing between elements
Posted by Donavon Lerman on Sep-01-2021 02:31
How do I change the spacing in between the elements in an XY Chart in perl?

Attached is where I would like them to be closer.

  Re: Perl: XY Chart Spacing between elements
Posted by Peter Kwan on Sep-01-2021 11:24
Hi Donavon,

I assume you would like to change the spacing between the ticks, which is the same as spacing between the labels.

By default, ChartDirector will spread the labels evenly on the axis. To change the space, you can change the axis length, which by default is the same as the plot area height/width. For you case, you can use a larger or smaller plot area height to change the spacing. (The plot area height is set in the setPlotArea method call in your code.)

Peter Kwan