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  ChartDirector5.1 setSearchPath load font not work
Posted by afu on Sep-02-2021 18:50
Drop the font to "windows/fonts" on win10

$font ='BlackoakStd.otf';

Can work


In my project folder, "/lib/font"


None of them can work

What should I do to read the font file in the project folder

  Re: ChartDirector5.1 setSearchPath load font not work
Posted by Peter Kwan on Sep-03-2021 00:30
Hi afu,

The setSearchPath is only for loading image files. See:

Font loading has its own search path, which can be modified with the FONTPATH environmental variable. See:

For your case, instead of using an environmental variable, I suggest you just specify the full font path name, like:

$font ='/path/to/lib/font/BlackoakStd.otf';

Note that the path name is a file system path name. It is not a URL. The leading slash '/' refers to the root of the hard disk, not the root of the web document directory. If it is a relative path (like "lib/font/..."), it is relative to the current working directory, which may not be the current URL directory or the current directory of the script.

To avoid confusion, I suggest to use the full absolute path name. You can include code to detect the full path name of your project, then append "lib/font/BlackoakStd.otf" to the path.

Peter Kwan