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  Viewport to control three charts
Posted by Treavor Gagne on Oct-14-2021 03:26

Is it possible to have a viewport to control three XYcharts added to multichart? If so, would I set the viewport to the multichart or the viewport to the three XYcharts? And if it is not too much ask can you provide sample code.

  Re: Viewport to control three charts
Posted by Peter Kwan on Oct-14-2021 16:24
Hi Treavor,

The following is an example that shows a MultiChart with 3 XYCharts, and it is zoomable and scrollable and can update in realtime.

Basically, if one of the axes is aligned for the 3 charts, you can zoom/scroll in that axis direction. In the above example, the x-axes are aligned, so we can zoom/scroll in the x direction. (Align means the the 3 axes start and end at the same x-pixel coordinates, such as if the charts are stacked up. The 3 axes can have different scales.)

You can remove the realtime part of the code, and add a viewport control under the chart. When the viewport is changed, all 3 XYCharts will update.

If you need further information, please inform me how your 3 charts are arrange in the multi-chart.

Peter Kwan