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BaseChart.makeChart2(Chart.PDF) returning null David 13 Apr-01-2020 23:06
Can we get a ChartDirector.Net.dll built for .Net Framework? David 1 Mar-28-2020 21:46
Redraw clears Tracker Curor info Chuck 2 Mar-24-2020 00:39
Reset zoom in chartdirector graphs Rahul 2 Mar-06-2020 14:09
Highlighting one record on a surface plot SamplePlot.jpg Andrew 1 Mar-05-2020 17:47
[Polar Chart] How to change the labels color according to conditions Polar Chart_CDchart.png Choi 3 Feb-26-2020 22:12
Hide/Show Lines Chuck 5 Feb-25-2020 12:32
Create a High/Low “Indicator”? Chuck 2 Feb-22-2020 02:43
Support for python 3.8 Tony Hignett 1 Feb-22-2020 00:19
Loading PHP extension on MacOS Catalina - code signing? Steven 7 Feb-18-2020 22:48
Polar chart umber 1 Feb-17-2020 22:59
Problem compiling with .NET 4.6.0 under IKVM David 3 Feb-17-2020 17:03
Running on .NET core David Thielen 12 Feb-17-2020 02:19
Tooltip working with Chrome and Mozilla but not with IE 11 Sandeep 1 Feb-14-2020 16:12
Daily Chart, gridline every “Sunday” Chuck 2 Feb-11-2020 03:41
Does Chart Director work for iPad/iPhone? tallhill 1 Feb-06-2020 04:32
"Out of Memory" Exception only in one Web Jens Hartmann 1 Feb-06-2020 04:22
Built-in Cursor to measure “Distance”? Chuck 2 Feb-05-2020 20:36
Line “Style”; solid, dashed, dotted, etc. Chuck 2 Feb-05-2020 05:53
Viewport control update Screenshot (33).png Andrew 2 Feb-05-2020 01:56
libchartdir.6.dylib cannot be opened with MacOs Catalina Schermata 2020-02-04 alle 15.43.39.png Davide 2 Feb-05-2020 00:15
show symbol for AreaLayer with 1 datapoint ddoyle 1 Feb-04-2020 15:27
Saving a chart as a pdf file jeff 1 Feb-04-2020 13:47
Multiple Legends in a Line in FinaceChart Xord 3 Feb-03-2020 15:40
.net core 3.1 Blazor Craig Roberts 1 Feb-03-2020 03:25
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